Frequently asked questions

How can I get my email address changed?

Account/E-mail address changes

Any user can request an account/e-mail address change after a legal name change.

An employee must first submit the proper verification documents with the Centre College HR office first.  Once HR has updated the employee’s records ITS will work with the employee to implement the changes to the account and e-mail address for the user.

A student must first submit the proper verification documents with the Centre College Registrar’s Office.  Once the Registrar has updated the students records ITS will work with the student to implement the changes to the account and email address for the user.

  • To initiate the request, required verification documents need to be filed with the appropriate campus office.
  • The account name will be changed to match the requested email address and vice versa.
  • After the change the user will log in with the new account name, but their password will remain the same.
  • The user will not be able to keep the former e-mail address as an alias on their account.  It is the responsibility of the user to inform all parties that a change in their e-mail address has occurred.


Alfresco: How to create a basic sequential approval workflow

The process of how to create a sequential approval workflow is simple and outlined in a brief demo video at

Mac will not print after password change / Held for authentication.


You've been printing successfully, but after changing your Centre password you find that jobs are getting held in the queue and not being sent to the printer. You see "held for authentication" if you view the item in the print queue on your computer.


Mac computers use a "keychain" to store login information for faster access to things. When you change a password the keychain entry must be updated with the new password. 

STEP 1: Click the magnifying glass for Apple search in the upper right of your computer display

STEP 2: Search "keychain" 

STEP 3: Open Keychain Access, you should see a list like this:

STEP 4: Locate any entry for our campus Lexmark queue or Papercut/PCClient, highlight it by clicking it, and press "delete" on your keyboard.

STEP 5: Go back to the document you need to print (or use a test document) and select to print it as usual. 

STEP 6: You will be prompted to login - enter centre\your.username for example centre\john.doe and your Centre password - and check the box to "remember this password in my keychain"

You should now be able to print successfully again.

NOTE: This process must be repeated anytime you change your Centre College password.

Students- How do I use PaperCut's WebPrint?


IMPORTANT READ ME!!!  The PaperCut Web Print Feature only works with PDF files or standard graphics files.  In Word, Excel or other software, you must first "Save as" and select the file format for PDF, save it to your drive.

STEP 1:  Click the PaperCut icon on the portal launch panel and login with your Centre username & password. 

STEP 2:  Click the Web Print option in the left menu bar and click the "Submit a Job" link.  Then click the "print-server/Campus_Queue_Lexmark (virtual)" from the list on the select a printer page and then click the "2. Print Options and Account Selection" button at the bottom.


STEP 3:  Enter the number of copies you wish to print and click the "3. Upload Documents" button at the bottom right.


STEP 4:  In the upload panel, you can either drag and drop your file(s) to the page area as directed or click the "Upload from computer" button and select the document(s) from your drive that you wish to print.  Then, click the "2. Upload and Complete" button at the bottom right.








Students - How do I install the full version of Office 365 on my computer? (Mac/PC)

Office 2016 / Office 2015 is available to install for free on up to 5 personal devices, including Android, Windows, Apple OS X, and iOS. This install guide will cover how to install the software on Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows.

1.) Log into Centrenet at

2.) Click on the icon that is titled Microsoft Office 365 and if you see a notification of the available download, go through the signup process with your Centre email address and password.

3.) Once you have logged into Office 365 and gone through the sign up process, you will see a settings icon in the top right corner, as in the screenshot below:

Office 365 Setup 1

4.) Click on the settings icon, and select Office 365 Settings.


5.) You will arrive at the settings page, select Install and Manage Software, under the software heading.


6.) Once the Software page loads, click the Install button to download the Office installer.


7.) Open the downloaded installer folder, and run it on our device. When the install completes, open any Office program, and log-in with your Centre email / password.

8.) You're set! Note, this copy of Office 365 will only be available on up to devices, and will only last up to 1 year AFTER graduation

How do I connect my computer to the College network?

Centre College uses a simple network registration system that checks to make sure all computers have up-to-date software and are devoid of viruses and other malware to protect from a mass infection across campus. Registration is simple, however there a few steps to follow before you can access the network or Internet. The network registration page is found at online.

  1. If using the wireless network, connect to “Centre”. If using a wired connection you need only plug into the network port in your room.
    1. Note: Until your computer is registered, all websites will be redirected to the registration site with the exception of Windows/Mac updates and antivirus applications.
  2. Ensure your computer’s operating system has all its updates.
    1. For Mac OS X computers run the System Updater and complete all updates and reboot.
    2. For Windows XP computers open Internet Explorer and go to and perform all “Critical Updates” that are shown and reboot.
    3. For Windows Vista/7 open the start menu and in the search field type in “Windows Updates”. Complete all available “Critical Updates” and reboot.
    4. For Linux/Unix there is no means of automatic registration. Skip to the section If you have any issues registering. We still recommend installing all available updates on your machine to ensure security and stability.
  3. Some updates for both systems rely on others to be installed first. After rebooting, repeat step 2 until the update method reports that no new updates are available.
  4. Windows users need to ensure they have some form of Anti-Virus protection installed.
    1. Centre College accepts Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, McAfee, AVG, Sophos, and several others.
    2. If you do not have antivirus, or are unsure, Centre College ITS recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. This can be downloaded via Windows Update. Additionally AVG offers a free version of their AV suite at
  5. Once steps 1 through 3 are complete you can attempt registration. When you open your web browser you will be redirected to the registration site. Enter your username and password provided for network access (logging into the labs or your Centre email) then click the download button. If your computer asks you to save or run the application, click on run; otherwise once the download is completed run the file.
    1. A “dissolvable agent” will install itself on your computer and scan to make sure you meet our policies. Once the scan is completed it will automatically remove itself.
  6. If your computer passes the scan you will be informed and told to reboot your computer. After you reboot you will be able to access the network and internet normally. If it fails it will direct you as to the cause so you can attempt to correct the issue and try again. There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt a registration.

Where can I purchase computers and software at Centre's educational discount?

Centre College is a part of many educational consortia for purchasing computers, mobile devices and software. Through our friends at The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU), Microsoft has extended academic pricing. Several other companies have extended special pricing to our students, faculty and staff through their educational programs. Centre College is currently purchasing Apple Computers, HP Computers and Dell Computers and uses Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac as a campus standard.

A list of these programs and what they cover is below (click one of the selections below):

As of Fall 2015, all Centre College students receive Microsoft Office (both online & download versions) at no cost to you. 
Click here to get download and installation instructions now.

 Apple Computer Educational Purchase website for Centre College
Students, Faculty and staff

CDW-G Educational HP Computer
Purchase site for Centre College

(computers, devices, printers,
software, accessories too!)

Centre College Dell Computer
Educational Purchase site (click here)


Make sure to download a copy of our Centre College Guide to Computing here if you have not already!        

Students - How do I get to my Centre email account? / How do I setup Outlook for my Centre email?

For Students - how do I get to my Centre email account? / How do I setup Outlook for my Centre email?

Full documentation for getting into and using your Centre email account for Office 365, using Outlook for Windows and Mac, Apple Mail and other email clients including Gmail with your Centre account can be found online on our WIKI page at


How to get to the new Outlook Web App

The new URL for web access to your email is:

Setting Time Zone

When you log into OWA the first time, you must assign your local time zone.

If you do this incorrectly use the following procedure to fix your time zone. Unfortunately there is no way for us to change the default time to Centre’s timezone.

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App, click Options, and then click See All Options.
  2. Click Settings, and then click Regional.
  3. In the Current time zone box, click the arrow, and then click the correct time zone setting.
  4. Click Save.

Office 365 OWA has been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari.

Setting up Outlook for MacOS

  1. Open Outlook for Mac 2011.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.

    Step 2

    • If this is the first account you're creating in Outlook for Mac 2011, under Add an Account, click Exchange Account.
    • If you've previously created a Centre College email account, in the lower-left corner of the Accounts dialog box, click + to add an account, and then click Exchange. When you're done you can remove your old account setting by clicking the - in the lower-left corner.
  3. On the Enter your Exchange account information page, in the E-mail address box, type your full user ID. For example,

    Step 3 - 7

  4. In the Method box, make sure User Name and Password are selected.
  5. In the User name box, type your full user ID again.
  6. Type in the Password.
  7. Make sure Configure automatically is selected, and then click Add Account.
  8. After you click Add Account, Outlook will perform an online search to find your email server settings. It will return and ask for the server

    Step 8

  9. After the new account is created you'll see the account in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box. Close the Accounts dialog box.
  10. After the new account is created, you can view your mail by clicking the new account name in the navigation pane.

How do I get Papercut to work with my iPhone or iPad device?

The PaperCut iPad / iPhone App (Mobile Client)

The PaperCut App for iPad / iPhone (also known as the Mobile Client) is required for printing to PaperCut managed printers. The App authenticates each print job - effectively linking up users with their print jobs. It can also provide balance display, print job confirmation, shared account selection and message notification.

What does the PaperCut app do?

The PaperCut App for iPad / iPhone (Mobile Client) is used to: 

  • Authenticate the user and their print jobs.
  • Display the user's balance.
  • Perform print job confirmation.
  • Display Print Scripting messages.
  • Perform other functionality such as message notification.

*After reading this guide below, you may wish to visit for a description of how to add funds to your account and use the PaperCut web interface.



Installing the App to iOS devices is simply a matter of visiting the URL on the iOS device (iPad or iPhone only).


After accessing the installation URL on an iPad / iPhone (iOS device) an Install Profile dialog should appear.
Follow the prompts to install the App. Afterwards, go back to your icon screen and the "Printing" App should be available on the home screen. 

Click the items in the top right corner of each dialog below Install -> Install -> Done



Now how do I print?

The following examples illustrate typical usage of the App for a user (immediate print) and a staff member (account selection).

1.     The user prints from their selected app and opens the "Printing" app from PaperCut and logs in with their campus username and password.


 Figure 21.13. Printing from iOS

2.     The user closes the app and opens the Printing (PaperCut) app.

3.     The user enters their username and password. On a personal device this step only needs to be performed once. Future logins are performed automatically through the use of an authentication cookie.

Figure 21.15. Authenticating to the PaperCut iPhone App

4.     The user's print job is authentication and proceeds to print. The user can see their job's progress in the app.

Figure 21.16. The PaperCut Print App for iPad (after printing)


LAST STEP!  OK!  So where did my print job go???

Print jobs from personal iPads and iPhones go into your personal print queue and do not print out immediately to a printer.

To release your print job at any of our public printing stations:

  1. swipe your ID card or enter your email username/password at any public campus printer
  2. select the "print release" icon on the printer display
  3. select your print job and print!




How do I use Centre's PaperCut system for campus printing?

In the Summer of 2014, ITS implemented a campus-wide print accounting system called PaperCut® in partnership with Administrative Services' rollout of Lexmark MFP (multi-function printers) across campus. The software is relatively pervasive and allows students, faculty and staff to print from their Windows or Mac computers or their Android, iPad and iPhone devices.

Network printing is available using shared multi-function printers (MFPs- printers, copiers, scanners) located in the academic and residential labs. Students are allocated $33.00/year – the equivalent of 550 black and white printed pages for the entire academic year. Students may supplement their initial allocation by depositing funds for additional printing through our Papercut print management system by visiting the Cashier's Office on the 1st floor of Boles Hall or the front desk of the Library.

STUDENTS!  First, you must install the PaperCut client software and select a printer.  Check out one of the installation guides below for your personal computer:


The Library and Cashier will sell Papercut recharge print code cards in $5, $10 and $20 increments.  Students will buy a code card at the desk, go to the nearest computer and visit (also linked on the Centrenet campus portal site) and enter their code from their print code card.  Print codes are one-time use so you do not have to keep the code card after your code has been entered into Papercut system. (much like an iTunes gift card! - see panel below)

Students are also able to login to Papercut and transfer print funds to a friend in need of paper funds. The student can login to the PaperCut web interface at and select "Transfers" from the left menu.  Enter an amount to transfer TO a friend, type in that friend's email username (without with a comment and click transfer.  The transfer is immediate and is NOT RETRIEVABLE.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR TRANSFERS MADE IN ERROR.  Also, all activity including transfers are logged and can be found in "Transaction History."

Information Technology Services will provide the general call support for all public printers although EBM (our Lexmark partner) will provide direct support of the MFPs- hardware repair, replacement, firmware upgrades, etc. Our campus agreement with Ricoh enables the College to have a print/copy center on campus. This center will have color capabilities and will allow students, faculty and staff to have print and copy jobs produced there.

Printing costs are on a per page basis. Individuals who use the convenience printers in labs will be required to swipe their ID card or enter their email username (without and password to release the print job using the Papercut System. The system will then debit the individual's or department's account accordingly. Print jobs that are sent to the print/copy center will result in a modest per page savings. 

All questions regarding printing charges and the use of the Document Services Center should be directed to Kay Drake, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services, at Ext. 5464 or

Students may also connect a personal printer directly to their own computers. Printing to these devices is not monitored, and the student incurs no additional cost beyond their own personal printing supplies.

* Learn how you can connect your iPad or iPhone to the Centre College Papercut system at online


As part of the ongoing environmental conservation effort at Centre College, the new PaperCut system allows students, faculty and staff to measure their monthly and yearly consumption of paper and power related to printing activities.  This new system can be accessed through the Summary menu item (in above graphic panel).  At the bottom of this Summary menu, you can also view your environmental dashboard keeping track how your consumption relates to the overall organizational consumption of printing-related environmental indexes. You access this through the PaperCut web interface at in the summary area by clicking "Open Environmental Dashboard." (see the paper use dashboard below).




How do I connect my Windows to a departmental workgroup printer?

Please note: These instructions are for departmental and shared Lexmark printers only.

STEP 1, make sure to reboot your Windows computer so that your drivers can be updated automatically.  

STEP 2, (in Windows 7) click the Start menu button and selected "Devices and Printers".  You should see a list of building printers in the "Printers and Faxes" line.

STEP 3, Right click on the printer in the listing that you would like to make default and select "Set as default printer".





How do I connect my Mac to a departmental workgroup printer?

 First, navigate to the System Preferences and to the printer/scanners button (at left). Delete all printers listed by selecting the printer and then clicking the '-' sign.


Note: If you are running Mac OSX version 10.6.8 or below, then the printer software will not be able to load and you will be unable to print. If you have version 10.6.8, then ITS can update your Mac OSX to version 10.9 (Mavericks). To do so please call ITS at ext. 5575 or email us at


To add the PaperCut software to your computer, please follow the instructions below.


STEP 1: Go to your desktop. Click on 'Go' located in the top of the screen and click on 'Connect to Server.'

STEP 2: There should be a new window that appears. Type in "smb://print-server/PCClient" into the 'Server Address' and click 'Connect'.

STEP 3: Click on 'Mac' and then double-click 'client-local-install' to install PaperCut.

STEP 4: Once PaperCut has been installed on your computer, a new window should appear asking you for your Login Credentials. You should enter your Centre username and password. Make sure to select the checkbox labels 'Remember my credentials', and then click 'Ok'. 


In order to keep the PaperCut software running you will need to add it to your 'Login Items'. To do so, please follow the instructions below.


STEP 1: Navigate to the 'System Preferences' on your Mac.

STEP 2: Select 'Users & Groups' and then click on your profile. 

STEP 3: Click on 'Login Items' at the top, and then click on the '+' sign below the word "column".

STEP 4: In the new window click on 'Applications' on the sidebar, select 'PCClient', and then click 'Add'. 


Now let's install the correct driver for the printers.


STEP 1: Go to your desktop. Click on 'Go' located in the top of the screen and click on 'Connect to Server.'

STEP 2: There should be a new window that appears. Type in "smb://print-server/lexmark" into the 'Server Address' and click 'Connect'.

STEP 3: Click on 'Mac_Drivers', then select the correct model (a list with the printers and their model numbers can be seen below), and double-click on the file in the correct model folder.

STEP 4: Go through the installation process of the Lexmark Driver in the window that appears following STEP 3.


Now let's add the printer's.

STEP 1: Navigate to the System Preferences and to the printer/scanners button (at left)

STEP 2:  Click the + button at the bottom of the printer list panel. 


STEP 3:  Click the “Advanced” cog icon at the top of the panel.  Choose the Windows printer via spoolss after it stops looking for printers.
NOTE: IF the Advanced icon does not show up on your panel, you will need to right-click on the toolbar and select "customize toolbar" from the drop-down. Then, click and drag the Advanced icon up into the toolbar.

STEP 4: Choose “Another Device” in the Device pull-down.

STEP 5: Enter the smb printer server named “print-server” with the queue name (listed below) 
of the printer they will be printing to.

STEP 6: Enter a descriptive common printer “name” and select the Use: “Select Software...” in the pull-down field.

STEP 7: Once you select the Use to be 'Select Software...' a window called 'Printer Software' should appear. Search for "Lexmark" and then select the appropriate model (a list with the printers and their model numbers can be seen below). Click 'Ok'.

STEP 8:  CLICK Add and test the printer.*





List of Print Queue Names:


Printer Location Print Queue Name Printer Model
Alumni (Chenault) 1st Floor DBS Room 2 Alumni-1stFL-DBS_Room_2 M5155, with extra drawer
Alumni (Chenault) 1st Floor Hallway Alumni-1stFL-Hall XM7155
Alumni (Chenault) 2nd Floor Lobby Alumni-2ndFL-Lobby XM7155
Alumni (Chenault) 2nd Floor Office Alumni-2ndFL-Office M5155, with extra drawer
Boles Hall 1st Floor HR Workroom Boles-1st_FL-HR_Workroom XM7155
Boles Hall 2nd Floor Finance Workroom Boles-2nd_FL-Finance_Workroom XM7155
Campus Center 2nd Floor SLO Workroom Campus_Center-2ndFL-SLO_Workroom XM7155
Campus Center 2nd Floor Student Workroom Campus_Center-2ndFL-Stu_Workroom XM7155
Combs Warehouse 3rd Floor Communcations Lobby Combs-3rdFL-Comm_Lobby X864de
Comps Warehouse 2nd Floor Lobby Combs-2ndFL XM7155
Crounse 3rd Floor Workroom Crounse-3rdFL-workroom XM7155
Crounse 4th Floor 415 (Social Sciences Lab) Crounse-4thFL-415 M5155
Crounse 4th Floor 416 Secretary Office Crounse-4thFL-416_Sec_Office RICHO Aficio MP 3352 
Crounse 4th Floor 441 Workroom Crounse-4thFL_441_Workroom XM7155
Crounse Hall 1st Floor CTL Office Crounse-1stFL-102CTL_Office XM7155
Facilities 1st Floor Lobby Facilities-1stFL-Lobby X864de
Grant 3rd Floor 304 Workroom Grant-3rdFL-304_Workroom X864de
Horky House 1st Floor Admissions Workroom Horky-1stFL-Admissions_Workroom XM7155
Horky House 2nd Floor Admissions Hallway Horky-2ndFL-Admissions_Hallway XM3150
Horky House Admissions Basement Horky-BSMT-Admissions_Basement XM7155
Horky House Financial Aid Lobby Horky-2ndFL-Fin_Aid_Lobby XM7155
JVAC 1st Floor Lobby JVAC-1stFL-Lobby XM3150
Library Print Room  #1 Crounse-2ndFL-205_Print_Room-1 XM7155
Library Print Room  #2 Crounse-2ndFL-205_Print_Room-2 XM7155
Library Print Room  #3 Crounse-2ndFL-205_Print_Room-3 XM7155
Library Print Room #4 Crounse-2ndFL-205_Print_Room-4 XM7155
Library Staff Office Crounse-2nd_FL-203_Back_Office XM7155
762 West Main 1st Floor Kitchen ITS-Main XM7155
Nevin Hall 1st Floor Back Office Nevin-1stFL-Back_Office XM7155
Norton 3rd Floor Box Office Norton-3rdFL-Box_Office XM7155
Old Carnegie 1st Floor Career Services Old_Carnegie-1stFL-Career_Serv  X792
Old Centre 1st Floor Dean's Office Old_Centre-1stFL-Deans_Office XM7155 & Pritner M5155, with extra drawer
Old Centre 1st Floor President's Office (Large Printer) Old_Centre-1stFL-Pres_Office_Large XM7155 & Printer M5155, with extra drawer
Old Centre 2nd Floor Development Office Old_Centre-2ndFL-Dev_Office XM7155
Old Centre 2nd Floor Development Office (Small Printer) Old_Centre-2ndFL-Dev_Office_Small M5155
Olin 1st Floor 110 Workroom Olin-1stFL-110_Workroom XM7155
Olin 1st Floor 120 Olin-1stFL-120 XM7155
Parsons 1st Floor Office Parsons-1stFL-Office XM7155
Sutcliffe 1st Floor Trainer Office Sutcliffe-1stFL-TrainerOffice XM3150
Sutcliffe 3rd Floor Athletics Office Sutcliffe-3rdFL-Athletics_Office XM7155
Walnut 1st Floor DPS Lobby Walnut-1stFL-DPS_Lobby XM3150
Wiseman 1st Floor Registrar Office Wiseman-1stFL-Registrar_Office XM7155
Young Hall 1st Floor 108 Workroom Young-1stFL-108_Workroom XM7155
Young Hall 1st Floor Study Area Young-1stFL-Study_Area XM7155
Young Hall 2nd Floor 222 Workroom Young-2ndFL-222_Workroom XM7155
Young Hall 2nd Floor Study Area Young-2ndFL-Study_Area XM7155

How do I use faculty enabling funds for technology purchases?

updated 5/20/13

The Finance office developed this sheet to assist you in understanding the spending guidelines for professional enabling funds, FDC funds, external grants to the College, restricted funds, or any other fund set aside for use at the discretion of either an individual or a group of individuals. In an era of enhanced scrutiny and increased rigor on the part of both our internal and external audit, we need to be very clear on what is, and what is not, appropriate in terms of expenditures. In addition to protecting both you and the College in any future audit, we would also like to assist you in finding the most competitive pricing and purchasing the most compatible equipment, in terms of computer hardware and software. Accordingly, the following guidelines are to serve as a reference when making professional purchases with any discretionary fund.

Please remember these are general guidelines and are meant to (1) protect you and the College during any internal and external audit, (2) protect the College from inappropriate use of its funds, (3) ensure that your expenditures aren’t subject to income tax, and (4) keep Centre compliant with sales tax law.


In the same way the initial funds are the property of the College, purchases made with those funds are also either the property or the expense of the College. Property and equipment, with a useful life greater than one year, includes but is not limited to computer equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, furniture, art, and photographic equipment. Expenses include but are not limited to travel, subscriptions, professional services, and supplies.

Of course, since all such purchases are either made or reimbursed by the College, it is unlikely that they may be deducted on your personal tax return.


Expenditures fall within three categories, and all require receipts. The first category of expenditures are those submitted for reimbursement. Receipts are required in order for any reimbursement to occur. The second group includes expenditures made with a college credit card. As agreed upon receipt of your card, all receipts should be kept in a chronological file, which should be readily accessible in the event of an internal audit. Receipts must include not only the summary credit card receipt but also the itemized receipt listing the items purchased. Receipts for meals should also include purpose and attendees. The Dean’s Office needs to maintain copies of these receipts in your file. The third category is an advance, for which a subsequent expense report is promptly completed and submitted, in addition to any unspent monies. Advances require prior approval from the Dean.

Location of Property

Although it’s not uncommon for such purchased equipment to be kept and used off-campus, it is necessary that a listing be maintained of any property kept at your home or any other location. This listing should include a brief description, serial number, cost, and location. A copy of the listing should be given to the Dean of the College and to the Controller. After your use, these pieces of equipment may be used by others.

Suitable Expenditures

It’s important to note that all expenditures must be directly related to the underlying purpose of the particular fund. Additionally, such property is not for personal use, unless minimal. Examples follow of both acceptable and unacceptable expenditures. These lists are not definitive but intend to give you a sense of what is and what is not acceptable.

Generally Acceptable

1) Discipline or classroom related books.

2) Student assistant stipends or salary, field trips, travel and conferences.

3) Photographic equipment used exclusively for academic pursuits.

4) Computer equipment, with prior approval from ITS, used exclusively for academic pursuits.

5) Associations directly related to discipline or field of study.

6) Professional travel for scholarship and/or teaching.

7) Equipment and supplies for research and/or teaching.

8) Entertainment for class and or professional reasons.

9) Other items directly relevant to your teaching or scholarship.

Generally Unacceptable

1) Home internet connections also used for personal business.

2) Data plans for mobile devices such as ipads, tablets, and smart phones.

3) Travel, conferences, etc. unrelated to either discipline or classroom activity.

4) Home office expenditures for equipment, repairs, renovations, etc.

5) Home or auto repairs.

6) Expenses for travel or other activities for family members (unless those family members have been retained by the College for engaging in the particular college activity).

7) Expenses for non-business/scholarship-related travel.

8) Equipment unrelated to classroom or scholarship.

Other Matters Whenever possible, invoices should be addressed to, and paid directly by, the College.

The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. It is important that expenditures and travel taken are reimbursed from the proper year’s budget. The only exceptions are for travel booked in advance or membership to professional societies, as this will come from the budget year that the activity occurs.

Computer hardware and software, printers, scanners and related expenditures should be made with the prior approval of Centre’s IT department to insure both compatibility with our system and to enable equipment tracking capability. Please submit the Technology Purchase Request form, linked at the bottom of this page, to the ITS Director/CIO. This process also assures sales tax isn’t being paid and that we are taking advantage of our pricing breaks. Additionally, IT cannot service equipment unless it’s included in their inventory.

Conclusions These guidelines are meant to reduce ambiguity with the application of funds, and to encourage open and frank conversation as to reimbursement. Please check with the Dean’s Office if you have any doubt whether a planned purchase is appropriate. The purchase of unacceptable items may be determined to be taxable income and thus included in your W-2.

Most importantly, it is in recognition of best business practices, tax law, and the increased documentation required by our auditors, that we need your compliance. This will protect both you and the College from unknowingly using professional funds in an inappropriate way.


Click here to download the Computer Purchase Request Form 


What is a Phishing Scam?

What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent process used by spammers to acquire sensitive information from users such as usernames, passwords. Email recipients are often deceived by phishing attempts since messages appear to be sent by legitimate and trustworthy sources.

Why do I care?

If spammers have your username and password they can use your account to send spam through Centre’s system. Other systems, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo for example, will start marking our email as spam and rejecting it. One high jacked email account can (and has in the past) caused our email to be rejected, and once you’re on a “block list” it is very difficult to get taken off.

How does this get through our system?

Our email is filtered by a Barracuda SPAM Firewall before it is delivered to campus inboxes. The Barracuda is an industry leading product and has shown over time to be a good solution for us. For example, we received on average 80,000 emails a day from the internet and our solution blocks 90% completely from your inbox and another 4% are tagged as possible spam and delivered. We also have very few legitimate messages that are blocked as spam. However no system is perfect and phishing emails do get through.

How can I avoid phishing scams?

Centre College and other reputable organizations will never use email to request that you reply with your password, Social Security number, or confidential personal information. Be suspicious of any email message that asks you to enter or verify personal information, through a web site or by replying to the message itself. Never reply to or click the links in a message. If you think the message may be legitimate, go directly to the company's web site (i.e., type the real URL into your browser) or contact the company to see if you really do need to take the action described in the email message.

Legitimate emails from ITS will contain one of the following in the subject line:


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