Centre College Security Basics Training Mini-Quiz

This brief training video and certification quiz is meant to help you as a part of the Centre College campus community understand better how to protect yourself and the College's confidential data from theft and/or misuse.  We hope that you find this video informational and helpful in protecting confidential information in your daily work.  If you have questions or comments, we would love to hear them.  Please email them to helpdesk@centre.edu or contact us at x5575 and let us know your thoughts. 

Answer the questions below.  If you get it CORRECT, it will show you in red below the question!  Thank you.


CORRECT!  SPAM is not necessarily a security threat... but it is very annoying.

CORRECT!  FERPA law give students the right to review their personal files at Centre.

CORRECT!  Contact the friendly folks in Centre ITS!  We are here to help you!

CORRECT!  While email is generally secure on our campus, emailing confidential documents is not viewed as a confidential method of communication unless the file(s) or information is encrypted.  Email between systems as well as the ability for receivers' ability to forward confidential information are all reasons NOT to send confidential information via email.

CORRECT!  Dropbox, Box.com, Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud storage providers currently do not guarantee the safety and security of confidiential FERPA related information.  You should not use these cloud services for personal information including grades for students but use Centre College's online storage.  Call the ITS Helpdesk to find out how at 859-238-5575.


Congratulations!  You got all 5 questions correct and you have completed our mini-certificiate process!



If you do not see a CONGRATULATIONS in THIS box, you have selected one or more wrong answers.  Try again!