How do I use Centre's PaperCut system for campus printing?

In the Summer of 2014, ITS implemented a campus-wide print accounting system called PaperCut® in partnership with Administrative Services' rollout of Lexmark MFP (multi-function printers) across campus. The software is relatively pervasive and allows students, faculty and staff to print from their Windows or Mac computers or their Android, iPad and iPhone devices.

Network printing is available using shared multi-function printers (MFPs- printers, copiers, scanners) located in the academic and residential labs. Students are allocated $33.00/year – the equivalent of 550 black and white printed pages for the entire academic year. Students may supplement their initial allocation by depositing funds for additional printing through our Papercut print management system by visiting the Cashier's Office on the 1st floor of Boles Hall or the front desk of the Library.

STUDENTS!  First, you must install the PaperCut client software and select a printer.  Check out one of the installation guides below for your personal computer:


The Library and Cashier will sell Papercut recharge print code cards in $5, $10 and $20 increments.  Students will buy a code card at the desk, go to the nearest computer and visit (also linked on the Centrenet campus portal site) and enter their code from their print code card.  Print codes are one-time use so you do not have to keep the code card after your code has been entered into Papercut system. (much like an iTunes gift card! - see panel below)

Students are also able to login to Papercut and transfer print funds to a friend in need of paper funds. The student can login to the PaperCut web interface at and select "Transfers" from the left menu.  Enter an amount to transfer TO a friend, type in that friend's email username (without with a comment and click transfer.  The transfer is immediate and is NOT RETRIEVABLE.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR TRANSFERS MADE IN ERROR.  Also, all activity including transfers are logged and can be found in "Transaction History."

Information Technology Services will provide the general call support for all public printers although EBM (our Lexmark partner) will provide direct support of the MFPs- hardware repair, replacement, firmware upgrades, etc. Our campus agreement with Ricoh enables the College to have a print/copy center on campus. This center will have color capabilities and will allow students, faculty and staff to have print and copy jobs produced there.

Printing costs are on a per page basis. Individuals who use the convenience printers in labs will be required to swipe their ID card or enter their email username (without and password to release the print job using the Papercut System. The system will then debit the individual's or department's account accordingly. Print jobs that are sent to the print/copy center will result in a modest per page savings. 

All questions regarding printing charges and the use of the Document Services Center should be directed to Kay Drake, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services, at Ext. 5464 or

Students may also connect a personal printer directly to their own computers. Printing to these devices is not monitored, and the student incurs no additional cost beyond their own personal printing supplies.

* Learn how you can connect your iPad or iPhone to the Centre College Papercut system at online


As part of the ongoing environmental conservation effort at Centre College, the new PaperCut system allows students, faculty and staff to measure their monthly and yearly consumption of paper and power related to printing activities.  This new system can be accessed through the Summary menu item (in above graphic panel).  At the bottom of this Summary menu, you can also view your environmental dashboard keeping track how your consumption relates to the overall organizational consumption of printing-related environmental indexes. You access this through the PaperCut web interface at in the summary area by clicking "Open Environmental Dashboard." (see the paper use dashboard below).