This DRRP presents the requirements and the steps that will be taken in response to and for the recovery from any disaster affecting technology and telecommunication services at Centre College, with the fundamental goal of allowing basic business functions to resume and continue until such time as all systems can be restored to pre-disaster functionality. This plan provides the procedures necessary to guide the members of the College's Crisis Response Team in response to an emergency which results in the interruption of normal services in any area dependent on information technology and telecommunications functionality. It also details the steps to be followed by those individuals responsible for the restoration of service in the technology arena.

Centre College’s IT DRRP plan is continually evolving document based on current campus risk factors and resources.  Should campus risk factors change or more resources become available this plan will be re-evaluated and updated in accordance with the guidelines of the “Centre College Crisis Response Plan.”  New services, systems, and procedures that should be considered for implementation and inclusion in this DRRP will be detailed in section 9 “Future DRRP Considerations.”

This plan is reviewed yearly by the adhoc IT Disaster Recovery Committee and revisions are made as needed.
A hard copy of this plan is stored in the following areas:

  • ITS, McReynolds Hall
  • Public Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • Old Centre, President's Office
  • Olin Hall on Campus Recovery Site