How do I get Papercut to work with my iPhone or iPad device?

The PaperCut iPad / iPhone App (Mobile Client)

The PaperCut App for iPad / iPhone (also known as the Mobile Client) is required for printing to PaperCut managed printers. The App authenticates each print job - effectively linking up users with their print jobs. It can also provide balance display, print job confirmation, shared account selection and message notification.

What does the PaperCut app do?

The PaperCut App for iPad / iPhone (Mobile Client) is used to: 

  • Authenticate the user and their print jobs.
  • Display the user's balance.
  • Perform print job confirmation.
  • Display Print Scripting messages.
  • Perform other functionality such as message notification.

*After reading this guide below, you may wish to visit for a description of how to add funds to your account and use the PaperCut web interface.



Installing the App to iOS devices is simply a matter of visiting the URL on the iOS device (iPad or iPhone only).


After accessing the installation URL on an iPad / iPhone (iOS device) an Install Profile dialog should appear.
Follow the prompts to install the App. Afterwards, go back to your icon screen and the "Printing" App should be available on the home screen. 

Click the items in the top right corner of each dialog below Install -> Install -> Done



Now how do I print?

The following examples illustrate typical usage of the App for a user (immediate print) and a staff member (account selection).

1.     The user prints from their selected app and opens the "Printing" app from PaperCut and logs in with their campus username and password.


 Figure 21.13. Printing from iOS

2.     The user closes the app and opens the Printing (PaperCut) app.

3.     The user enters their username and password. On a personal device this step only needs to be performed once. Future logins are performed automatically through the use of an authentication cookie.

Figure 21.15. Authenticating to the PaperCut iPhone App

4.     The user's print job is authentication and proceeds to print. The user can see their job's progress in the app.

Figure 21.16. The PaperCut Print App for iPad (after printing)


LAST STEP!  OK!  So where did my print job go???

Print jobs from personal iPads and iPhones go into your personal print queue and do not print out immediately to a printer.

To release your print job at any of our public printing stations:

  1. swipe your ID card or enter your email username/password at any public campus printer
  2. select the "print release" icon on the printer display
  3. select your print job and print!